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Guardian, 22 May 2007 Three months before his election in 1997, Tony Blair wrote in BAE Systems Newsletter that his government would champion arms exports and a “strong defence industry”. That, despite the hoopla surrounding the idea of an “ethical” foreign policy, was always the prime minister’s ambition. A decade on, a new set of […]

By Mark Curtis Reviewing British arms exports for the ten-year period under New Labour, the figures speak for themselves: – The UK has exported £45 billion worth of arms around the world since 1997. – Over £110m of military equipment has gone to Israel, throughout a period of offensive operations in the occupied territories and […]

A UK Watch interview with Mark Curtis, 7 May 2007 What do you expect from a Brown premiership? Is British foreign policy likely to change at all? There have been no public signs that foreign policy is likely to change. Brown has been four-square behind Blair on foreign policy, including, of course, Iraq, which he […]