Update of UK and conflict table


A call for voluntary researchers!

In my 2003 book, Unpeople, I included a table outlining conflicts in which Britain played a significant role since 1945. The purpose was to provide estimates for the number of deaths in each conflict and to assess what level of responsibility Britain had (or has) for each one. The conclusion was that Britain bears responsibility for 8.6m-13.5m deaths, or ‘around 10 million’.

The old table is attached here: Table.Deaths.

I want to revise and update this table. The research was done over 13 years ago and there have been significant foreign policy episodes since then. I also want to review the figures I originally used to see if there are more accurate figures now available.

I would ideally like this to be a collaborative effort involving other people who are interested. We need to work on all four columns in the attached and to do so in an academically rigorous way. I would like to hear from people interested in collaborating with me on this. The work will mainly involve checking for the best available available estimate of the number of deaths for each episode identified.

If you are interested in this, please email me at mark@markcurtis.info

2 Responses to “Update of UK and conflict table”

  1. Mark, I heard a figure the other night on QI (I know perhaps not that reliable, but it doubled the figure of all the casualities from WW2, which sounds about right.
    Euan Thomas

  2. Mark, when I read your book “Unpeople”, I was disgusted but not surprised by the extent of the British involvment, proved by your statistics. Its very good that you intend to update them…. Neil Unwin

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