Afghanistan is being stifled by military operations (Guardian, 19 February 2011)

The EU’s Ugly Resource Grab (Guardian, 14 November 2010)

Bin Laden, the Taliban, Zawahiri: Britain’s done business with them all (Guardian, 6 July 2010)

Norway’s dirty little secrets (Guardian, 24 September 2009)

Painful extraction (Guardian, 3 August 2007)

It’s thriving but lethal (Guardian, 22 May 2007)

A real power struggle (Guardian, 16 October 2006)

Brown’s doleful role at Gleneagles (Guardian, 9 July 2005)

Britain and Africa: The aid dividend (Red Pepper, March 2005)

Britain and Africa: The new propaganda
(Znet, 21 March 2005)

Stop the war (In Murray and German, Stop the War, 2005)

Britain and the G8: A champion of the world’s poor? (In David Miller and Gill Hubbard (eds), Arguments against G8, Pluto, London, 2005)

Britain’s postwar foreign policy: A web of deceit (In Poddar and Johnson, Historical Companion, 2005)

Africa’s plight can’t be explained by a pop song (Guardian, 10 December 2004)

Declassified: Rogue State Britain (Red Pepper, December 2004)

The colonial precedent
(Guardian, 26 October 2004)

Why I believe academics have failed the general public
(Times Higher Educational Supplement, 1 October 2004)

Complicity in a million deaths
(In John Pilger (ed), Tell Me No Lies: Investigative journalism and its triumphs, Jonathan Cape, 2004)

Declassified: Britain and Israel
(Red Pepper, April 2004

Bloodshed and whitewash: Britain and the Rwanda genocide
(Red Pepper, March 2004)

Psychological warfare against the public: Iraq and beyond
(In David Miller (ed), Tell me lies: Propaganda and media distortion in the attack on Iraq, Pluto, London, 2004)

No Place Called Home: Diego Garcia
(Guardian, 10 October 2003)

As British as Afternoon Tea
(Guardian, 21 May 2003)

Partners in Imperialism – Britain’s support for US intervention
(Frontline, 26 April 2003)

Britain’s Defiance of the UN: The long history
(March 2003)

Blair’s Jaw Jaw means War War
(Red Pepper, October 2002)

The future of the “anti-globalisation” movement post-September 11th
(Ecologist, 22 February 2002)

US and British complicity in the 1965 slaughters in Indonesia
(Third World Resurgence, Issue 137, 2002)

UN AIDS fund is a distraction from the real issues
(Guardian, 26 July 2001)

Just another false dawn for the poor
(Guardian, 26 June 2001)

Global business is too important to be left to business people
(Guardian, 23 April 2001)

Boom time for few signals misery and death for many
(Guardian, 15 March 2001)

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  1. Hi Mark – I’m in the process of setting up a new political party to stand at the May 2010 election. I’m not going to stand myself as the starting point is that anyone who wants to be an MP won’t be standing for this party, so it seems sensible not to stand myself – even though I don’t particularly want to be an MP anyway. I have thought about this long and hard for over 30 years and just recently I have thought of how to achieve this. If you check my bro out, Felix von Geyer, you’ll see that I have a sustainability guru, I’d appreciate it if you would lend some support.

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