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The new,updated edition of Secret Affairs: Britain’s Collusion with Radical Islam was published on 22 March 2012. Read the introduction here Order the book here Read the media release here

Mark Curtis’s new book was published on 1 July 2010 Read The Guardian‘s coverage of the book, 6 July 2010, here Read Mark Curtis’s Guardian article, 6 July 2010, here Read reviews here (Independent), here (Metro), here (New Humanist) here (Asharq al-Awsat, in Arabic) here (Al-Masry Al-Youm, in Arabic) here (Morning Star) here (Tribune) here […]

By Mark Curtis Reviewing British arms exports for the ten-year period under New Labour, the figures speak for themselves: – The UK has exported £45 billion worth of arms around the world since 1997. – Over £110m of military equipment has gone to Israel, throughout a period of offensive operations in the occupied territories and […]

Britain complicit in the deaths of ten million people since 1945 Those are Unpeople – those whose lives are seen as expendable in the pursuit of Britain’s economic and political goals. Historian Mark Curtis pieces together the Blair government’s “public deception campaign” on Iraq and reveals government plans to increase “information operations” directed towards the […]

Web of Deceit


Britain’s Real Role in the World In his explosive book, Mark Curtis reveals a new picture of Britain’s role in the world since 1945 and in the “war against terrorism” by offering a comprehensive critique of the Blair government’s foreign policy. Curtis argues that Britain is an “outlaw state”, often a violator of international law and […]

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Mark Curtis  Contribution to Andrew Murray and Lindsey German, Stop the War: The story of Britain’s biggest mass movement, Bookmarks, 2005 – available at Anyone who believes that the protest movement against the Iraq war was a failure should consider the Blair’s government’s military planning. Over the last seven years the government has been developing […]

The massacres in Iraq, 1963 By Mark Curtis An edited extract from Unpeople: Britain’s Secret Human Rights Abuses The British-backed monarchical regime of King Faisal and Prime Minister Nuri El Said was overthrown in an Arab nationalist revolution on 14 July 1958, which established a republic under Brigadier Abdul Karim Qasim. Said and the royal […]