British foreign policy

New Left Project

US foreign policy

Foreign Policy in Focus
Institute for Policy Studies
National Security Archive


Business and human rights
Corporate Europe Observatory
Corporate Watch (UK)
Corporate Watch (US)
Crude Accountability
Global Witness
Mines and Communities
Mines, Minerals and People (India)
Platform/Carbon Web
Revenue Watch

Development and Trade

Alternative Information and Development Centre
Christian Aid
Focus on the Global South
Network Ideas
People & Planet
Seattle to Brussels Network
Tax Justice Network
Third World Network
War on Want
World Development Movement

Iraq and war

Dahr Jamail
Iraq Action Coalition
Iraq Occupation Focus
Justice Not Vengeance
Voices in the Wilderness

Arms and security

Campaign against the Arms Trade
British American Security Information Council
FAFO Institute for Applied International Studies
Federation of American Scientists
Global Security
University of Bradford, School of Peace Studies

Media analysis and propaganda

Glasgow University Media Group
Institute for Public Accuracy

Project Censored

Independent media

Indymedia UK
Democracy Now
Green Left
World Socialist Web Site

Specific countries/regions

Burma Campaign
Centre for Civil Society (South Africa)
Colombia Solidarity Campaign
Econews Africa
The Middle East Research and Information Project
Chagos Support Association
Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (Zambia)
Lawyers Environmental Action Team (Tanzania)
Malawi Economic Justice Network

Network Movement for Justice and Development (Sierra Leone)
Philippines Indigenous Peoples Links

Relatives for Justice
Tapol –¬†Indonesian human rights campaign
Wassa Association of Communities affected by Mining (WACAM) (Ghana)


South Asia Analysis Group
Terrorism Monitor


Campaign against climate change
Friends of the Earth


Lobster magazine
Public Interest Research Network
Transnational Institute
Global Research (Canada)


Nafeez Ahmed
William Blum
Noam Chomsky
Peter Dale Scott
Naomi Klein
Robert Fisk
David Miller
George Monbiot
Craig Murray
John Pilger
David Shayler


Pluto Press
Serpent’s Tail
Word Power

One Response to “Links”

  1. 1 Rhisiart Gwilym

    Hello Mark!

    Just been reading your interview given to NLP. I also follow your work more broadly. I’ve found it in the past to be something of lifeline to someone like me, somewhat isolated as I am from any mutually-supportive in-group. I might be drowning in cognitive dissonance and the fear that I must be going mad, were it not for that small but crucial scatter of public commentators like you who see through the Permanent Bullshit Blizzard of the corporate media and the pocket politicians, and who dig up and speak robustly the taboo realities which they never touch. Makes me understand that I’m not the only one who sees the emperor’s nakedness. So, thanks for your further brief on those realities, which you offer in the interview.

    Actually, though, despite this overall stand of solidarity and fellow-feeling, I do have to pick up one comment which seems to me to be a particularly glaring error. You’ll guess at once which one, I’m sure.

    Recently, having followed their efforts and their steady growth in numbers with increasing respect for some time, I became a member of the US-based organisation Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. (Over a thousand engineers and architects have now nailed their colours to that mast)

    I have to say, Mark, that, despite your usual perspicacity about the realities behind the PBB, your blunt declaration in the interview that there’s simply nothing in the inside-job hypothesis about the 11September atrocities is a serious error.

    Rather than rant on about that here, though, I just wanted to offer you a quick look at a selection of the sound evidence that an inside job is indeed the likeliest real-world hypothesis, if you might be open to taking a serious look. There is indeed a great confusing mass of alleged evidence swirling around the IJ hypothesis, and much if it is iffy, crazy, or downright black-ops deceitful. But even after a strict purging away of all the dross the residuum is impressive, and increasingly copious.

    To say that there is no sound evidence for an inside job is simply, flatly wrong.

    Over the past year in particular, some very striking and high-grade new evidence has emerged, which seems to have begun to cause a break in the log-jam of obdurate, blind disbelief that has clogged up the mainstream media and commentariat until now. Increasing numbers of them are beginning to take the idea seriously, and to give the truth-seekers the fair, courteous hearings which have been denied previously.

    If you’re open to a discussion about this, Mark, I’d be glad to point you towards some of the sifted and most soberly-persuasive evidence. The official fairy-story about the atrocities (which has more holes in it than a worn-our sieve) is still being used right now to justify USukisnato resource-war aggressions and genocides in the world’s crucial premier oil-patch, so getting at the real story can hardly be dismissed as a dead issue, especially amongst those stalwart public intellectuals who specialise in the vital public service of decoding the truth behind the PBB. I hope you’ll be willing to have a chat about this. The offer is genuinely meant.

    Best wishes in any case, Mark. And keep sluggin’!

    Yours, RhG

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